JanSan Websites: 99% Small Biz Owners Trust Search Engines to Find Suppliers Online

How important is your JanSan website?  According to a study commissioned by Google,  99% of small business owners report they find search engines to be the most effective tool for finding suppliers.

With that though in mind, we took a random survey of janitorial supply distributor websites.  We found that a surprising 25% of JanSan distributors had no website presence. 

Websites have now become a significant sales tool for B2B companies.  If 99% of small business owners say search engines are the most effective tool for finding suppliers and you don’t have a website (and an adequate Google ranking), you are missing a significant sales opportunity.

Your Jan San website provides the opportunity to quickly convey your company’s janitorial and maintenance expertise, your philosophy on customer service, and connect with prospects on several levels.

As an example, do you have photos of your key officers and staff?  Is there an image of your storefront?  People buy from people they know, like and trust.

The overall look, feel, and most importantly, the content of your website communicates who you are and begins to connect and cultivate a relationship with prospects.

On that note, we found in our random survey, that another 20% of JanSan distributor websites had either a very dated look or the site was basically an “order only” portal with little to no content about the organization, the expertise, or an attractive overview of the offerings.

JanSanOptmiize.com offers a complementary audit of your online presence, including a top-line evaluation of your search engine optimization.

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