JanSan Distributor Monthly Marketing Program Launched

Turn-Key Monthly JanSan Marketing ProgramJanSanOptimize.com launches our JanSan Distributor Monthly Marketing Program!

It is an easy, affordable, automatic way for janitorial supply distributors to stay in front of customers and prospects with both electronic and physical marketing materials.

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5 Ways to Grow Your JanSan E-Mail List

Growing E-mail Address ListIf you do not have an extensive list of e-mail addresses of customers and prospects, you are not alone.  It is quite common for us to run across clients who feel they should have more e-mail addresses for their e-marketing activities, and are wondering the best way to do so.  Here are five ideas to capture e-mail addresses for marketing purposes:

  1.  If you send physical invoices, include a “buckslip” note informing your customers you are implementing a new communication program utilizing e-mail and request they call or e-mail you with their business e-mail address.  Inside sales reps can follow-up via phone with customers who do not respond.
  2. Add a capture form on your website, blog, or facebook page asking visitors to sign-up for your informative newsletter and “be the first” to know about special deals.
  3. Create a White Paper or “Guide” on a particular maintenance subject that is geared towards a particular audience in your market.  In order to download or access the guide, the visitor needs to provide a name and e-mail address.
  4. Every time your customer service department fields a phone query, they should be asking for the caller’s business e-mail for follow-up.
  5. Participate in local shows and events that are appropriate for connecting with your target audience.  Offer a free giveaway that attendees must provide contact information to enter.  As an example:  If your Chamber of Commerce holds an annual Business Expo, offer a drawing for free product or service.  Consider approaching your vendors to see if they can provide assistance in defraying costs in return for the local publicity.

And don’t forget to add any lead that is provided to you from your suppliers! Even if the lead seems quite cold, regular contact can warm it up.