How Much is a Facebook “Like” Worth in Janitorial Supply Marketing?


Studies show the average Facebook “like” is worth 21 cents in sales.

Facebook.  It is a marketing tool that many believe is a cost-effective way to increase sales.

But is it?  In the janitorial and maintenance supply industry, how much is a facebook “like” really worth?

Let’s take a look at a study conducted by Ecwid, an e-shopping cart provider, that looked closely at data from 40,000+ Facebook stores that run its software.  The 12-month cumulative sales from the storefronts that use its software was then compared against each store’s “likes.”  On average, each Facebook “like” equated to just 21 cents in annual sales.

Perhaps the more “likes,” the higher the ROI.  Not so, according to this same study.  The 25 percent of Ecwid-powered storefronts with the most “likes” only earned 13 cents per “like” per year.

In considering the effectiveness of Facebook in the janitorial supply industry, let’s consider the end-user in this industry.  Most are busy during the day away from their computer and engaged in the details of facility maintenance. If your customer is in the housekeeping department, there is precious little time to dedicate to perusing social media posts and responding to them when there are rooms to turn, floors to burnish, and new products to review.

Your time is valuable, as well.  Who is responsible for maintaining your facebook account and increasing your “likes?”  Although not a huge time-factor, it does take effort to create informative and engaging posts, take photos and upload them, and encourage people to “like” you.

If it is someone in your company who is handling this effort, how much time is taken away from other income producing activities?  If you have outsourced this activity, how much money are you investing for the return on the investment?  Would those dollars be better spent in other marketing efforts?

We’ve tracked a distributor who began a Facebook account about six months ago … they have accumulated a total of 24 “likes.”  Let’s pretend that all 24 “likes” are customers … not family, friends, or reciprocating “likes” (we’ll “like” you if you “like” us).

If we apply the ROI according to the Ecwid study, this distributor’s Facebook marketing activity generated a $5.04 in sales for the year.  Obviously, we don’t know exactly the actual sales increase the 24 “likes” produced, but the message seems clear.  There needs to be careful evaluation of any marketing program, including Facebook.

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