Just Like High School – Popular vs. Smart JanSan Marketing

The most recent study by Content Marketing Institute shows Social Media as the most used tactic by B2B marketers ...

The most recent study by Content Marketing Institute shows Social Media as the most used tactic by B2B marketers …

The statistics on B2B marketing for 2013 are in, and they bring back memories of high school, where everyone flocks to the attraction of the “in group” versus tracking a course that is smart, effective, and will have impact for the future.

According to the study conducted by the Content Marketing Institute, B2B marketers are using 12 different marketing tactics, which is an increase over the average used in the past two year (8 tactics). In 2013, social media (not including blogs) were reported to be the most popular contact marketing tactic, as 87% of marketers engaged with it.

but social media does not even register on the "most effective" tactics.  Still at number 1 ... in-person events followed by case studies.

but social media does not even register on the “most effective” tactics. Still at number 1 … in-person events followed by case studies.

Most Effective Marketing Tactic
However, reminiscent to high school, popular is not the most effective for long-term ROI.

When queried regarding the most effective marketing tool, social media didn’t even crack the 50% mark.

Which tactic was considered the most effective? In-person events with nearly 67% of those surveyed placing value in the old-fashioned face-to-face marketing tactics.

Second on the list for effectiveness was the use of case studies, which have become the new “word of mouth” and testimonial. E-newsletters also ranked in the top ten, with 58% remarking positive effectiveness.

JanSan Marketing Reality
These statistics reflect what we see every day in marketing in the janitorial supplies industry. Many in our industry are embracing social media … I don’t think a month goes by that I don’t see some type of article in a trade publication about the merits of social media marketing. However, when we look at the hard statistics, we see a completely different story.

Today, you are lucky if even 3% of your facebook “likes” see a post. Compare that to an average of between 9 – 15% open rate on an e-newsletter for an average B2B prospect list. Many experts will tell you that your tweets reach even fewer people.

Does that mean abandon social media? Not at all. It is a necessary component to today’s marketing mix.

But what we do say is be prudent in your marketing  … just like high school, the most popular kids don’t always show up at the reunions as the most successful ones.

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E-Newsletters and Their Place in Janitorial Supply Marketing

Download your FREE E-Guide to E-Newsletters at www.JanSanOptimize.com

Never before has the JanSan industry had so many marketing options available to small, independent distributors and boutique manufacturers with so many ways to reach customers in an affordable and effective way.

Perhaps the most effective and affordable of  these new electronic tools is e-Newsletters.  However, not many manufacturers or distributors participate in a regular e-newsletter program.

In a recent survey, we found that just 20% of independent distributors were using some form of e-Newsletter to communicate to their customers and prospects.  It is not surprising to find that over 70% claimed they would use an e-Newsletter in their marketing if there was an easy way to do so.

E-Newsletters can level the playing ground for the small distributor and manufacturer by providing the means to stay in front of customers and prospects.  People buy from people they know, like, and trust.  Implementing an e-newsletter program brings you and your company in front of people on a regular basis and provides the means to let them get to know you better, trust your expertise, and eventually buy from you.

The key to success, however, is consistency, content and appearance.  In our years of providing marketing services to the janitorial supply industry, we’ve seen how our customers struggle to maintain an ongoing marketing program.

When successful, professional, e-Newsletter program keeps you top-of-mind in an impressive manner it puts you on the same ground as competitors with marketing budgets that far surpass yours.

Let us share some of our secrets to consistent implementation of an e-Newsletter program:

  1. Plan your editorial schedule.  Do not wait until the last minute to figure out what topics you will discuss.  Take the time in advance to plan your topics, articles, and products that you will highlight each month.
  2. Tie topic to products you carry.  If you have online ordering, hyperlink the product mention in the newsletter  to your order entry program.
  3. Take the time to write the content ahead of time.  If you wait until the day before you are to send your monthly message, you will find yourself consumed by other business matters and you will quickly get off-schedule.
  4. Don’t be afraid to take content and information from your manufacturers.  They can be the best source of information!
  5.  The graphic impact is particularly important in the visual world we live in.  Make sure your graphics are appealing and sized correctly.  Test and re-test your message so you are confident there are no strange spaces, line breaks, or bad images.

These are just a few pointers … you can download more tips and guidance for free with our “e-Guide to JanSan e-Newsletters” at http://www.JanSanOptimize.com. 

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