5 Reasons to Praise Promotional Postcards in Janitorial Supply Marketing

In this age of mouse clicks and finger touches, it is easy to categorize the good old-fashioned postcard as a marketing device of the past.Postcard example

But is it?  Let’s look at these reasons to praise the promotional postcard.

  1.  100% Deliverable!  E-Mail campaigns are extremely effective to the prospects they reach and they are a phenomenal way to nurture leads.  However, the reality is that each e-mail message is subject to filters, bounces, and delete keys.  Marketers are happy with an average open rate of between  7 – 15% to fresh lists.  Compare this to a USPS deliver rate of 100%.
  2. Hard to delete without looking.  E-mail communications can be filtered into junk drawers and never viewed by the recipient.  Even when the communications are seen by the recipient, it is easy to hit a delete key.  Holding a physical piece of paper in your hand forces you to look at it before you toss it into the trash container.
  3. Quick communication of your message. The layout of a postcard quickly communicates your message in a graphic and memorable way.  A picture says a thousand words, and a postcard communicates the visual impact faster and more effectively than an email message.
  4. No CAN-SPAM-type regulations.  You can purchase mailing lists or create your own list from various business resources and mail with no concerns of legal ramifications
  5. Effectively motivates Generation X.   Sure, we’ve all heard how younger professionals depend on twitter and facebook for information, but according to a U.S. Postal Service survey, “Gen X, Gen Y and the Mail”,  74 percent of Generation X and 68 percent of Generation Y read and respond to physical mail just like their older counterparts.

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Google’s ZMOT in JanSan Website Marketing: What It Is & Why You Should Care

The Jan/San sales cycle, as we knew it just a few years ago, has been changed forever. The main reason: the internet.

In a few mouse clicks, there is a wealth of information available to the janitorial supplies purchaser, such as product information, company reviews, and item pricing, to name a few.  Prospects can quickly evaluate any number of providers and products to solve their problems in minutes … sometimes seconds.

Purchasers’ proactive search for information has been identified by Google’s marketing gurus as the “Zero Moment of Truth” or ZMOT.

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Should JanSan Companies Stop Cold Calling?

I was particularly interested in a recent article by Nathan Yerian,  “Two Reasons to Stop Cold Calling, Now.”  With the incredible plethora of marketing communication vehicles available to reach customers and prospects, it might make sense to hang up the cold calling receiver for good.Rep making cold calls

Consider the alternative uses of your sales team’s time and energies.

The point of making cold calls is to find leads and determine if those leads are worth the pursuit. By implementing a sound inbound and outbound marketing plan, you will find you are generating those warm and hot leads that all sales people are searching for.  The question then, is pretty simple.  Shouldn’t you sales team be spending their time in cultivating the relationship with these “warm leads” instead of cold-calling?

Consider the tools available to nurture a lead relationship and eventually convert them to a sale:

  1. E-newsletters: Receiving a monthly e-newsletter that is packed with JanSan industry trends, new products, ways to keep facilities healthier, and how your company meets the needs of your audience will establish you as an expert, keep your name top-of-mind, and make you look good.
  2. SEO Website: Your website is your most important sales person.  Quite often it is the first impression a prospect has of your company.  Your current customers are probably getting “wooed” by your competitors, and they are probably going online to see what that competitor can offer.  How do you look “online” compared to your competitors?
  3. Website Updates: You should be updating your website on a regular basis with new information, updates on your products/services, and “success stories” of how you are solving customer problems. This helps in your SEO (search engine optimization) as well as continuing to attract your customers and prospects.  Create and offer a free “white paper” on a cleaning subject particularly suitable for your audience and market. In order to access the information on your website, visitors need to provide an email address.
  4. Direct Mail: Don’t discount the value of getting a hard piece of paper into the hands of your customers.  An advantage of direct mail is the 100% delivery guarantee.  No doubt, it is harder to delete a colorful, informative postcard compared to an e-mail message.

For more ideas on how to get away from cold-calling, generate more leads, and convert leads into customers, call Ginny Petru at JanSanOptimize.com.

5 Ways to Grow Your JanSan E-Mail List

Growing E-mail Address ListIf you do not have an extensive list of e-mail addresses of customers and prospects, you are not alone.  It is quite common for us to run across clients who feel they should have more e-mail addresses for their e-marketing activities, and are wondering the best way to do so.  Here are five ideas to capture e-mail addresses for marketing purposes:

  1.  If you send physical invoices, include a “buckslip” note informing your customers you are implementing a new communication program utilizing e-mail and request they call or e-mail you with their business e-mail address.  Inside sales reps can follow-up via phone with customers who do not respond.
  2. Add a capture form on your website, blog, or facebook page asking visitors to sign-up for your informative newsletter and “be the first” to know about special deals.
  3. Create a White Paper or “Guide” on a particular maintenance subject that is geared towards a particular audience in your market.  In order to download or access the guide, the visitor needs to provide a name and e-mail address.
  4. Every time your customer service department fields a phone query, they should be asking for the caller’s business e-mail for follow-up.
  5. Participate in local shows and events that are appropriate for connecting with your target audience.  Offer a free giveaway that attendees must provide contact information to enter.  As an example:  If your Chamber of Commerce holds an annual Business Expo, offer a drawing for free product or service.  Consider approaching your vendors to see if they can provide assistance in defraying costs in return for the local publicity.

And don’t forget to add any lead that is provided to you from your suppliers! Even if the lead seems quite cold, regular contact can warm it up.